When purchasing magnetic gps tracker, we can often see the introduction of merchants: magnetic gps tracker has ACC detection function.

So, what is the ACC detection function, and what is the meaning of ACC fortification and withdrawal?

What is ACC testing?

ACC detection is the detection of vehicle ignition switch. When ACC shows on, that is, the vehicle is in the ignition state; When ACC shows off, the vehicle is in the shutdown state. magnetic gps tracker If the logo has ACC detection function, the magnetic gps tracker can be used to determine the vehicle status. Moreover, the magnetic gps tracker can provide vibration alarm and shift alarm when the car produces abnormal vibration and abnormal shift.

2. What is ACC fortification?

ACC fortification is the setting of a defense alarm. Usually one key fortification includes fence alarm, vibration alarm, oil cut-off alarm and so on. When fortified, these related alarm functions will take effect. When the corresponding scene occurs, the corresponding alarm function will be activated.

3. What is ACC disengagement?

ACC withdrawal, as the name suggests, is the removal of vehicle defense through ACC.

As we mentioned above, the owner determines the ignition switch status of the vehicle through ACC detection. At the same time, as long as the magnetic gps tracker has a vibration alarm function and a shift alarm function, it can be remotely controlled through ACC to set or cancel the electronic defense of the vehicle.

Once the ACC is withdrawn, then the vehicle loses the established electronic protection ring, and there is no corresponding alarm function.

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